How to prevent carpenter ants in your house in

Carpenter ant is the large ants, which are found in the forested part of the world. They build nest inside wood, mostly in the dead and damp woods. They also found in wooden building and structures.  It causes structural damages. The black carpenter ant is most popular in the United States. In Vancouver, this is of reddish black in color and quite larger than any other ants. There is growing a specialize team of carpenter ant control in Vancouver.



You will see carpenter ants at night. At this time, they feed themselves. These ants search foods which are high in sugar and protein. Sometimes they eat other insects too. As they are indoor insects they are fond of sweet foods such as honeydew, jelly, sugar, etc. you can find carpenter ants in the toilet or under the sinks if you have dampness around them.

How can you realize if you have carpenter ants?

If you have carpenter ants in your house, you can see large winged ants around your house. By chewing food, they build their nests.  Their nest looks like tunnels and it is very smooth and clean. You will find the wood dust that the carpenter ants remove to make their nests. This way they build their nests and they damage the structural part of your home.

How to prevent and remove the carpenter ants?

The first thing of carpenter ant control in Vancouver is to cut the branches of the trees that are touching your home. Try to keep your home clean and a good repair and replace of the dry wood. Keep all the sweet foods stored securely that they can’t eat those foods. Keep all the foods in well fitted containers. If you find carpenter ants in your home try to find out their nests that you can destroy it. You can find out their nests by trapping sweet foods. When they come to collect the food, follow them to find out the nest.

And most importantly is it very easy to search them by their sounds, as when they chew, they do it by making a noise. By stressing the tail of the you can easily locate their nests.  If you find their nest in the outside area as in the dry branches of the trees, your prime and foremost duty is to kill them and remove their colonies.

The best option to remove the carpenter ants is to hire the professional removal team. They have the products and techniques to remove.  If you are looking for the professional team you can contact to this website  to get the best and dependable protection.


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