How to get rid of different types of wasp in the house?

The wasps are really a pesky element among many of the dangerous insects that you may have to face daily in your home. Although the various species of wasps are usually identified as either social or solitary wasp, the vital two about which you should obviously be concerned are yellow jackets and hornets.

Confirm about the types of wasps

Before going into the main topic-wasp control in Vancouver, you need to know how many types of wasps are usually there so that you can deal with them effectively. Let’s discuss.

  • Paper Wasp- The paper wasp is most of the dangerous wasps among the types of wasp that can be harmful to you and your family member. Moreover, they are usually unlikely to sting. They built their nest in a unique way that doesn’t have an outer shell and totally different from the nests that are most of the bees and other wasps commonly built.


The most important information is that paper wasps are basically classified as harmful pests when they built their nest in an area that is populated by most of the people.

  • Hornets- Hornets are another type of wasp that you can easily recognize, in fact, most of the people can do that for it is big by its structure and for imposing nature of them. In the case of that, another species of hornets is included that is commonly known as bald-faced hornets and these types of hornets are the most fearsome looking wasp that usually prefers to live in some huge type aerial nests.
  • Yellowjackets- Now you need to be more concern because of if you are facing some aggressive and bright yellow patterns type of wasps, then you can confirm they are one and only yellow jackets which are quite territorial by nature. In fact, their sting is too much poisonous for that a single bite can cause serious injury and land you in the hospital even.

How to get rid of these types of wasps

See, there are different methods for getting relief from these three types of wasps that you can understand at first. But you don’t need to worry because of this article will help you to get the solution.

  • If you are suffering from paper wasps or yellow jackets, the best option is to get rid of these types of wasps is to apply the pesticide spray on the insect directly or to their nests to kill a bunch of at a single time.
  • If it is hornets or bald-faced hornets, you should encounter with them between dusk and dawn.

pest control service in Vancouver

However, although you can apply these methods, still it is advisable to call professionals to get more effective results for wasp control in Vancouver. And fortunately, if you hire Green Valley Pest Control, you can definitely get it. Still, if you have any confusion, you can get in touch with them through


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